link to Aloo Paratha – 3 Easy Fillings

Aloo Paratha – 3 Easy Fillings

Aloo Paratha is a popular Indian breakfast option that we often enjoy for lunch or dinner. It is the ultimate comfort food and my go-to on days when I am out of ideas or too lazy to cook. All it needs is dough prepared with wheat flour, and mashed potatoes to fill in the paratha. You can go as creative as you like with the mashed potatoes and here I have shared three easy and our favorite aloo paratha stuffing.

link to No Knead Bread – QUICK and EASY

No Knead Bread – QUICK and EASY

Golden crust on the outside and soft on the inside, this QUICK and EASY No Knead YEAST bread had become my go-to bread. You don’t need a stand mixer, and unlike most recipes, this bread comes together very quickly. NO 12 Hours, just 2 hours of resting and 45 minutes of baking time. And as the name says, it calls for no kneading at all.

link to Chicken in Red Wine Sauce

Chicken in Red Wine Sauce

This Chicken in Red Wine Sauce is a flavorful slow cooked chicken dish similar to the French Dish, Coq au Vin! It’s a great dish for special occasion as it can easily be the showstopper of your dining table. You can either slow cook it on the stove top or let it cook in the oven. I have explained both the steps.

link to EGGLESS Hot Cross Buns!

EGGLESS Hot Cross Buns!

I had only sung the song “One a penny, two a penny…” until this year when I actually baked Hot Cross Buns to celebrate Easter! Kids can make you do things that you would probably otherwise wouldn’t have done. We both are not very traditional BUT we like to introduce different cultures to Avyan in our best possible way. Most often, it is though the magic of food. These Eggless Hot Cross Buns are so good fresh out of the oven. Rub some butter or jam and wash it down with a cup of warm drink.

link to Mawa Gujiya

Mawa Gujiya

Holi Festival is incomplete without Mawa Gujiya in the scene. Flaky deep fried flaky dough filled with sweetened solid milk, semolina and assorted nuts. It’s a quintessential Holi dessert and to make it more special you can even add Thandai powder to the filling. I however didn’t add thandai powder, instead enjoyed it with some cold Thandai drink.

link to Egg Puffs

Egg Puffs

Egg Puffs are boiled egg, along with caramelized onion, wrapped in flaky puff pastry! It’s a quick snack that is so good with tea especially on a rainy day. You can call these Egg Turnover or Egg Puff Pockets too. On an indulging weekend, Egg Puffs can be your breakfast too with some cheese and greens and boiled egg inside puff pastry and baked to perfect flaky!