A typical afternoon turned into quite a memorable one after a phone call with a friend that started with ‘what was for lunch’ to ‘email me the recipe’ and finally finished with ‘you should start a food blog’. Arvind was more eager than I was and even before he finished his tea, he started working on the whole techy stuff. Without any clue I was about to start a food blog. And over the period of time, I transformed from a girl who never cared to eat into someone who not only enjoys cooking but also wants to make memories at every meal!

I am Kankana and this is my culinary space, where I share my love for food and photography. I am married to the sweetest guy I ever met, Arvind. He is obsessed with technology and it makes me super happy to say that he designed my blog. In March 2014, we had a precious little baby boy, Avyan and life has been quite a roller coaster ride since then.

About 1

I grew up in a family where everybody loves food, everybody knows how to cook and when we all gather together, there is always a lot to eat. As a kid, I used to spend time playing in the backyard with my brother than learning how to cook alongside my mom or grandma. My craving for food started at a much later stage in life, when I was traveling a lot for work. Visiting those different places, meeting new people, eating together with them and sharing stories did some kind of magic to my appetite. Eventually, I surprised my family and myself when I realized that cooking was the stress-buster I was looking for!

Your feedback, suggestions and comments are very important to me. So, please leave a note and let me know. I am not an expert and I am hoping to learn something new each day.


The blog was built in 2011 (after that phone call I mentioned earlier) with the name ‘Sunshine and Smile’. It was mainly to jot down my cooking ventures as I started my married life. After a couple of years, we decided to rename it to something that fits my cooking style. And so in April 2013, we started with a new domain and a new name, ‘Playful Cooking’


My mom always cooked with fresh seasonal produce and I like to carry on that habit. It’s all about nutrition with a little bit of indulgence here and there. We mostly eat Indian meals everyday and you can expect to see that here more often. I stay away from processed food as much as possible and try to make whatever I can. Fuss free, easy, and quick cooking defines my recipes. I like to play with flavor, fuse different cuisines occasionally and have fun while cooking. If a dish or a drink made our belly happy and if it’s something I would like to pass on, it would appear here, sooner or later.


I am a self-taught photographer and it all started along with the blog. In this virtual world of food blogging, one doesn’t get to touch, smell or eat the food. They just get to see it but if it’s presented beautifully, it can surely make one drool and ask for more. One can set the mood, tell a story and create a connection with good photography. I wished to do the same, I wished to learn more and that’s how the journey with my camera started.


  • Who designed your blog?

It makes me super happy to say that my husband, Arvind, designed the blog.

  • Do you do product reviews/giveaways/sponsored posts?

I normally don’t do reviews or giveaways, unless I genuinely like the product. I definitely do sponsored posts and you can email me to know the rate.

  • What kind of camera and lenses do you use?

I use Canon 5D Mark II with either 50mm f/1.4 prime lens or with 24-70mm f/2.8 zoom lens.

  • Do you do sell your photos?

Yes! You can contact me via email for the rates.

  • Do you do freelancing work?

Yes! I do both recipe development and food photography. Please email me to know the rates.


The blog has been designed by Arvind and he spent multiple weekends creating this beautiful look. Every detail on this blog is a copyright of Playful Cooking. It’s not good to use someone’s work without his or her permission. Lot of time and effort goes in creating what I share here. So, please respect that and give credit to my work!