Mattha (Indian Spiced Yogurt Drink)

Mattha (Indian Spiced Yogurt Drink) | Playful Cooking

I am not in my best attitude these days. The heat has gotten to my head, making me less energetic, less passionate and at times, very grumpy. Poor husband! I am staying away from the kitchen as much possible, not cooking a lot and I try not to turn on the oven ( Honestly, I miss that!). I think, this is the second time in my life that I am not happy with the season, first time being when I was in 9th standard and we spent a summer in humid Kolkata. Trust me, it’s been a brutal summer for the past few weeks. A heavy shower would certainly help but there is no sign of cloud either. All I see is scorching sun and temperature shooting higher. Oh boy! If there is anything (and I mean it) that is keeping me calm and hydrated, that’s helping me to stay sane, it’s this famous Indian drink called Mattha. Thanks to whoever invented this beverage.




Mattha, which is also known as Chaanch is classically made with buttermilk. But it’s also extremely good with yogurt. Don’t confuse yourself with the famous Indian beverage – Lassi as in this case, yogurt is diluted with water making it lighter than Lassi. I like to spice it with fresh ginger, roasted cumin and green chili and flavor it with fresh cilantro. It’s refreshing, healthy and is definitely helping me beat the peak summer heat.


Fresh Cilantro | Playful Cooking


Freshly grated ginger and green chili | Playful Cooking


The good thing about Mattha is that it hardly needs any effort to prepare it. I am not sure if we can even call it a recipe cause really all you need to do it mix everything and let it chill in the refrigerator for a while. That’s it! I like to allow the drink to rest overnight because by next day it’s perfectly infused with all the spices and the herbs. You can taste the ginger, smell the cilantro and the chopped green chili gives that subtle kick.


Strain if you want (I don’t care to), drop some ice cubes and gulp!


Mattha (Indian Spiced Yogurt Drink) | Playful Cooking


There is really no rule with this drink. Some like to add chaat masala, aam chur, cardamom seeds, pomegranate seeds, endless option surely. Just listen to your palate and improvise.


Prep Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 20 minutes

Yield: 9 cups



  • 2 cups yogurt
  • 7 cups water
  • 1 inch ginger, freshly grated
  • 2 tablespoon roasted cumin, powdered
  • 1 green chili, thinly sliced
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1/4 cup freshly chopped cilantro
  • salt as per taste


  • Mix everything in a pitcher and let it chill in the refrigerator for a while. Strain the drink. Drop some ice cubes, more cilantro if you want and serve.


  • I used greek yogurt which is very think and creamy. If you use a runnier yogurt, you might not have to add 7 cups of water.
  • The drink settles down as it rests, so make sure you stir it nicely before you serve.


So tell me, how are you guys dealing with the heat or is it raining in your part of the world?


Mattha (Indian Spiced Yogurt Drink) | Playful Cooking

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Sarah says:

I love traditional Indian yoghurt drinks. It took some getting used to the idea of a not-so-sweet drink at first, but once I got past that I was hooked. Perfect for awful heat.

Nisha says:

Oh boy, you do sound different in this post! The heat’s really ticking you off, eh? 😀

I’m not having a tough time dealing with the heat at all, may be because I’m at home pretty much all day or may be because it is still bearable for me – and I think I live just few miles away from you 😉

I have been noticing Aam ka Panna doing the rounds on blogs lately, so seeing this mattha is a nice change. And your pictures, Kankana – so refreshing, so beautiful!

Kankana Saxena says:

I am crapy these days, yeah 🙂 Well, I too stay at home but my home feels like a oven and it doesn’t have an AC. My friend lives in a different unit, and guess what ? Her place is much cooler! Crazy I know! Btw, I didn’t know you live close by. We should meet up sometime 🙂

Nisha says:

sure thing! message me your number on Facebook, will call ya & we can plan to meet (Y)

Rosa says:

Intriguing! This refreshing spiced yogurt drink must taste really good. Savory beverages are so unusual in my part of the world…



Very intriguing, I love the spices! I’ve been staying cool with lots of mango popsicles :).

Lovely pictures 🙂

Would you believe I have never tried lassi or desi yogurt drink until 2 weeks ago? I would gladly sip fruity smoothies though. I had a thing about yogurt growing up and it just stayed.

My husband and a good friend cornered me to try a salty yogurt drink 2 weeks ago and I must admit it was good. Looking at the photos, I am sure the mattha is delicious 🙂

We make something very similar in Karnataka called majjige. It’s a beverage as well as consumed with rice like a curry. Loved the styling!

It’s funny how the heat has been bogging me down this time too! Chaach is not new, I prefer the sweet Lassi. But your photographs are luring me for sure. We get something in the supermarkets called laban – almost like Chaach and I add a bit of roasted Cumin and slight sugar – and of course crushed ice!

Simone says:

That is such a gorgeous drink Kankana… Or maybe I should say gorgeous photos! Beautiful… It’s raining here (again) today but I don’t envy your heat…. It’s supposed to be getting sunnier here from tomorrow onwards so a little summer would be nice. But too much heat is not a good think! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for rain soon!

Tsofiya says:

oh this looks so refreshing! will definitely try! awesome post, thank you!

Sarvani says:

oh.. I know what you are feeling.. I was like that all april and may.. and then the monsoons came early!!! so life’s beautiful again… and yes I survived on mattha and coconut water all summer!!!

Refreshing and very tasty! Photos are, as always, fantastic.
Humid and hot is the bad combination..I can’t stand it at all.

usha singh says:

your pictures are stunning–we make this (a little thicker) and serve with Vegetable Biryani during the summer months

Very beautiful and stunning photographs.. AWESOME!!

As always it’s a pleasure to read your posts Kankana. You always hit the spot with your recipes. Mattha is perfect for hot days. Yummy!

It’s really terrible in Texas, too. The sun is burning. These glasses of Mattha are just perfect for this sizzling scorching summer. You have made the simple Mattha looks so gorgeous. Loved the pics as usual.

wow.. your photos are breathtaking.. love them.. made me very curious about this drink.. surely will try it soon as the warm weather is coming here too..

Chaanch is super cooling and refreshing during these hot days and I love it. Amazing clicks Kankana!

Wow, this looks so refreshing! I agree that the heat makes turning on the oven super unappealing. I’d love to drink this, though!!

Vishakha says:

Probably my fav non-alcoholic drink! 😉 I can’t complain about the heat at all. Singapore is hot all year around..hehe

dixya says:

summer is extremely brutal is Dallas. I will be making this sometime. I am drinking a lot of lemonades

sowmya says:

Summer is horrible here in nebraska too . we make something similar to this called majiga..lovely pics .. I would love to try ur version . 🙂

nipponnin says:

I love your photo styling, so cool! You’re awesome!

Elvira says:

This is something you don’t see in Rome and I love the idea of a spicy refreshing drink for a party with friend I’m having over the weekend. Thank you for the tip, it’s going to leave my friends jaw dropped.

Love your shots as usual Kankana. Btw, I live in the Bay too, and the weather is getting to me..not in the moon for anything.
The yoghurt drink is perfect for this kind of weather.

Wow, another outstanding recipe! I think I am going to love this one! Your photography is jaw droppingly lovely!

Archana says:

That’s brutal! Sounds like your landlord needs to fix AC pronto!!! Mattha brought back memories. Didn’t know Bengalis called it that too! Those shots are gorgeous. You make ordinary things look extraordinary!

Tried Mattha million times for a whole lot of valid and invalid reasons 🙂 But never imagined Mattha could be that outstandingly gorgeous!
You’re a magician, Kankana. YES you are 🙂

Kiran says:

It’s raining cats and dogs here in Florida — every day for the last 2 weeks (or more?). It has to stop and I need to make this Mattha to celebrate 🙂

This is indeed a refreshing and delicious drink. We often have it in the mornings on hot summer days instead of tea. The addition of ginger makes it digestive and gives it a kick. Beautiful shots Kankana.

carey says:

I have been hearing all about the heat you guys have been getting out there, and it sounds unbearable! Pretty much every news report of every day has mentioned triple digits on the west coast, aiyiyi. And the wildfires — so scary. I really hope it cools down for you soon! We’re in the midst of an extremely gross humid spell, but at least it isn’t over 100°. This drink would be pure heaven right now. Everything about it sounds cooling and revitalizing, from the yogurt to the cilantro, to the spice/heat from the ginger and chili. Yum! (:

Reem says:

OK Seriously Babe you have just mesmerized me with the pics.. Again YES!!!
You know I am not such a big fan of lassi but Mattha… YUP… It is just so light n to die for good…
You stay cool gal…. Lets hope these brutal summer just go away ASAP…

jehanne says:

every now and then my husband would ask me to make a drink similar to this-and being a sweet tooth, I never get how he likes chilli in his drink! but your pics are so stunning Kankana, that I might just make this, and steal a sip from his cup!

I agree with you and I am doing the same thing. It is terribly hot that I stay away from the kitchen myself. Wow, this spiced yogurt drink is something that is intriguing and amazing because it look so beautiful. Well, stay cool, Kankana and go easy on the hubby. Haha! 🙂

Pia says:

Aami ek glass ghol khete khete ei post ta porlam. The photos are so pretty! Love the bit of saree border 🙂

It’s so hot here and I want to try your yogurt drink! It’s so humid here and my husband who went home yesterday told me now it’s cold over there? I should enjoy eating ice cream everyday. 🙂

Orchid says:

This looks really nice and refreshing… I would need it too in the hot and sunny Italy these days!

Notyet100 says:

I feel like picking that glass

I just discovered your blog and I am super-loving it. Great content, great photography — it went straight to my blogroll.

Nithya says:

Love your traditional spicy yogurt drink..