Cuisine Solutions Holiday Party Meals

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Neatly pre-packaged food goods at Target nationwide for the holiday season — Cuisine Solutions turkey roulade and sliced roasted turkey breast can make your holiday party easy and tasteful. You will love how effortless it will be to warm and plate these meals. And undoubtedly your guest will enjoy every bit of it!

Cuisine Solutions Products:

Cuisine Solution Products offers sous vide cuisine. Sous vide is French for “under-vacuum” , which is a fantastic style of vacuumed sealed slow cooking in water at precise temperatures.

I had tried once long back at a friend’s house using a sous vide machine. Loves how juicy the meat turned out.

Well, I never bought the machine but now I can get to taste perfectly cooked delicious dishes from Cuisine Solutions any time I want.

Cuisine Solutions Products sent me a package of Turkey Roulade and Sliced Roasted Turkey to try this holiday season. While I love cooking a spread for all my gatherings, this break from cooking felt really nice.

All I had to do it warm it and serve.

Cuisine Solutions Holiday Party Meals | #cusinesolutions #holidaymeal #parties #turkey #thanksgiving

Cuisine Solutions Holiday Party Meals | #cusinesolutions #holidaymeal #parties #turkey #thanksgiving Cuisine Solutions Holiday Party Meals | #cusinesolutions #holidaymeal #parties #turkey #thanksgiving

The Turkey Roulade:

It was beautifully rolled and all perfectly packed. All I had to do is place it in an ovenproof dish, cover and cook for a while to warm it up. The filling was delicious and slicing was quite easy.

Stuffed with apple, cranberries, herbs and spices, the roulade was delicious and the meat was tender. It was flavored and cooked to perfection.

Turkey Roulade | #cusinesolutions #holidaymeal #parties #turkey #thanksgiving Turkey Roulade | #cusinesolutions #holidaymeal #parties #turkey #thanksgiving

The Sliced Roasted Turkey Breast:

Warming the turkey breast was much faster and I could do it on the stovetop and separated out the sliced breast.

I served both the dishes with some salad and bread on the side. It was such an ease to serve a fancy meal to my guests and they truly enjoyed the taste of both the roulade and the turkey breast.

Turkey Breast | #cusinesolutions #holidaymeal #parties #turkey #thanksgiving Turkey Breast | #cusinesolutions #holidaymeal #parties #turkey #thanksgiving

The products come fully cooked and you can find both these dishes at Target during the holiday season – CLICK HERE! Wow your guests this Holiday season effortlessly with these two dishes.

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