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Goa Trip - Photo by Kankana Saxena (Playful Cooking)link to Four Days In Colorful Goa

Four Days In Colorful Goa

After spending the last four days in Goa, getting back to the normal routine was not easy! We love to travel and every time we visit a new location, we exhaust ourselves by exploring every single corner and all the tourist-y spots. But the Goa trip was very unusual and we cautiously made it that way. The plan was to go lazy, no market visit, no shopping, just enjoy sea, sand, eat and drink all kind of delicious yumminess we could get access to. We spent two days in North Goa and two days in South Goa. While North Goa…

floating market 20link to The Floating Market in Thailand

The Floating Market in Thailand

Out of all the beautiful places we visited in Thailand, this tourist spot topped on my list. It's a market in the middle of a huge canal, where vendors float in their small boats selling local products. You can expect to find vegetables, fruits, clothes, bags, shoes, spices.. almost anything you are looking for.