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Chole Taco (Chickpea Stew Taco)| Playful Cookinglink to Chole Taco (Indian Spiced Chickpea Taco)

Chole Taco (Indian Spiced Chickpea Taco)

We make chole (chickpea stew) quite often. It’s one of my go-to dishes on busy nights. However, it’s not one of my favorites unless it is paired with pillow-y bhature (deep fried flat breads). Then, it becomes one of my guilty pleasures. The other day, when I soaked dried chickpea yet again to prepare stew, I suddenly got this idea to turn it into a taco night. Of course, chickpea on taco is nothing new however chole taco (Indian Spiced Chickpea Taco) didn’t sound convincing. But then just the first bite was enough for a thumbs-up! I just love when such experiments work…

Malai Chicken Tikka Taco | Playful Cookinglink to Malai Chicken Tikka Taco

Malai Chicken Tikka Taco

Grilling might not be the usual course on a chilly cold afternoon but if you have an electric indoor grill, why not turn it on and allow the warmth to spread across. I love the smell of grilled food and the comfort it brings along. Plus, it’s one of those meals that we love to prepare together. He grills while I prepare the sauce and salad. And even before we realize, food is ready. A few weeks back, when the temperature dropped down a lot in this sunny California area, we felt the need to grill some chicken. Surely the…

Fava Beans & Shrimp Taco With Mustard Sriracha Aioli | Playful Cookinglink to Fava Beans And Shrimp Taco With Mustard Sriracha Aioli

Fava Beans And Shrimp Taco With Mustard Sriracha Aioli

I must confess, beans were not my favorite thing to eat or cook with, it never were but then with time, I changed, my palate improved and these days I look for newer ways to prepare beans. Not that I have gone head over heals for it but beans have definitely established a space in my pantry. People say beans are comforting, I don’t deny that and it fills the home with warmth as it slowly cooks with the spices or herbs. Sure it does, but I like them crunchy, not saucy and almost always, I prefer them light, on…