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link to Rosemary Honey Simple Syrup

Rosemary Honey Simple Syrup

A good syrup comes handy on days when you want to boost your cocktail/mocktail game. It is great to even use on just a glass of water to add that subtle flavor and mild sweetness to stay hydrated. Rosemary Honey Simple Syrup has become my favorite syrup to stock up. The sweetness from honey and that woodsy aromatic flavor of rosemary can uplift any drink effortlessly.

link to Kacha Aam Er Chutney

Kacha Aam Er Chutney

Keeping my mango indulgence on, I have this amazing, lip-smacking and caramelized Kacha Aam Er Chutney. It’s a quintessential Bengali chutney, that you serve as a condiment to pair with spicy dishes. The Kacha Aam Er Chutney or cha-a-tni, as we like to call it, is freezer friendly, and I store for several months in a clean airtight glass container.

nutella chocolate cookies icecream 05link to Nutella Chocolate Ice Cream

Nutella Chocolate Ice Cream

For someone who doesn’t like to eat Ice Cream, I sure love to make bucket after bucket. This year, our Ice Cream Machine is not getting much rest at all. I made this Nutella Chocolate Ice Cream recently and it turned out amazing. I mean with Nutella, chocolate and cookie, how could it go wrong?