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Roasted Strawberries Frozen Yogurt | Playful Cookinglink to Roasted Strawberries Frozen Yogurt

Roasted Strawberries Frozen Yogurt

After a heavy lunch and several super tight hugs to all the lovely folks, I left from Carmel Valley Ranch with a bag full of goodies from the CA Strawberries Tour. My chauffeur (yes, I got a fancy ride for the tour) was a very interesting tall lady with grey hair and a very loving personality. What I assumed to be a boring drive, which is why I even carried a book with me, turned out to be quite the opposite. We chatted the whole time! We discussed recipes, seasonal ingredients, cherry picking, strawberry picking and how it gave her…

California Strawberry Farm Tour | Playful Cookinglink to California Strawberries Farm And Culinary Tour

California Strawberries Farm And Culinary Tour

Can you fancy eating strawberries for breakfast, lunch and dinner for almost three days back to back? Well, that was precisely what I did last week at the ‘California strawberries farm & culinary tour’. You can say I was on strawberry high by the end of the tour and for me that was a perfect way to relish summer. If that was not enough, I came home with two humongous boxes of strawberries to resume the indulgence.