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Indian Spiced Chicken Burger | Playful Cookinglink to Indian Spiced Chicken Burger

Indian Spiced Chicken Burger

We had a few things planned out for the long weekend. Cherry picking, attending my best friends’ house warming party and spending long hours by the pool. Instead, we cuddled up on the couch trying to comfort our sick baby. Avyan loves to go out but every long weekend, he happens to catch some bug and we land up staying at home. So, all we did for the past three days was movie marathons and indoor grilling. I made some Indian Spiced Chicken Burger hoping to cheer up our baby as he started to enjoy chicken a lot. But he…

Chole Taco (Chickpea Stew Taco)| Playful Cookinglink to Chole Taco (Indian Spiced Chickpea Taco)

Chole Taco (Indian Spiced Chickpea Taco)

We make chole (chickpea stew) quite often. It’s one of my go-to dishes on busy nights. However, it’s not one of my favorites unless it is paired with pillow-y bhature (deep fried flat breads). Then, it becomes one of my guilty pleasures. The other day, when I soaked dried chickpea yet again to prepare stew, I suddenly got this idea to turn it into a taco night. Of course, chickpea on taco is nothing new however chole taco (Indian Spiced Chickpea Taco) didn’t sound convincing. But then just the first bite was enough for a thumbs-up! I just love when such experiments work…

pumpkin spiced latte 3link to Pumpkin Spiced Latte

Pumpkin Spiced Latte

Growing up, I ate a lot of pumpkin curry - sometimes non-vegetarian and sometimes pure vegetarian. Mom would always keep a little extra curry for me knowing that it’s my favorite vegetable and she still does the same. There is something about that dark orange shade; the sweetness and the creamy texture that makes me go for it as soon as my eyes fall on it. Whether you make something savory or sweet, blend it to make a soup or roast it, pumpkin is always very comforting and perfect to warm you up when the weather gets chilly outside.