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link to Sourdough Bread : No knead and Easy!

Sourdough Bread : No knead and Easy!

If you enjoy baking bread than you will definitely enjoy Sourdough Bread baking. First of all, it requires no kneading at all. And if you follow all the steps, you will find it easy. It does need time and it is this long time that helps to strengthen the gluten, making the texture of the sourdough bread so much better. And healtier!

link to Sourdough Starter

Sourdough Starter

This sourdough starter recipe is simple. I  used two most commonly found flours in any kitchen – all purpose flour (maida) and wheat flour. The wheat flour that I used for my starter was atta/chapati flour that I get from Indian stores. You have to start this journey keeping one thing in mind - sourdough starter takes time to develop and strengthen. You cannot rush the process.