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Besan Ki Sabzi (Chickpea Cake Stir Fry) | Playful Cookinglink to Besan Ki Sabzi (Chickpea Cake Stir Fry)

Besan Ki Sabzi (Chickpea Cake Stir Fry)

We Indians are extremely fond of chickpea flour. We use it to make pancakes, steamed cake, fritters, batter for fritters and curry too. Whenever one talks of Indian chickpea curry, instantly your mind drifts to the famous Gatte ki Sabzi. It’s a Rajasthani specialty where the chickpea flour dumplings are boiled and then cooked in creamy yogurt gravy. What I have for you today is my mother in law’s specialty, Besan ki Sabzi (Chickpea Cake Stir Fry). You will definitely get the earthy chickpea flavor but it’s cooked in a whole different way.