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Bengali Basanti Pulao (sweet saffron rice pilaf) | Playful Cookinglink to Bengali Basanti Pulao (Sweet Saffron Rice Pilaf)

Bengali Basanti Pulao (Sweet Saffron Rice Pilaf)

The festive season starts in less than a month and everybody is excited about it. This season gives us an opportunity to indulge in shopping, endless treats and family get together. Sweet aroma floats in the air, people look happier and there’s so much joy everywhere. Bengali Basanti Pulao, also known as Mishti Pulao (Sweet Pilaf), is a quintessential dish during the celebrations. Bengalis love their rice, be it lunch or dinner. And when it’s celebratory or a happy gala, the rice is uplifted with whole spices, nuts and raisins.

chicken pulao 4link to Boneless Chicken Pulao

Boneless Chicken Pulao

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