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Pork Vindaloo

In India, not many people are used to eating pork or beef but if you grow up in Shillong, it's tough to ignore it. One of the most popular dishes in Shillong is 'Jadoh' - a pork and rice dish found in every corner of the street. Few months back, my friend Madhu opened a group in Facebook called 'Pork-Lover' and asked me if I could cook something special for the group. Well, why not! what are friends for :) I have always enjoyed this red meat and decided to try Pork Vindaloo.

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Deep Fried Pork Wonton

Whenever I think of Wonton, I think of Shillong. A place where I spent my childhood, a place I miss the most! I was born in Shillong, a tiny little hill station in North East of India. We didn't had any big shopping malls, disc or pubs, not many fancy restaurants or even any airport, but we had mild summers, chilly cold winters and monsoon for almost 5 months. Shillong is just 35 miles away from Cherrapunji, which is the world's wettest place. It is said that the rolling hills around the town reminded the European settlers of Scotland and…