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Malai Pista Kulfi (Pistachio Creamsicle) | Playful Cookinglink to Malai Pista Kulfi (Pistachio Creamsicle)

Malai Pista Kulfi (Pistachio Creamsicle)

Summer was so good this year that I really didn’t want it to end. Today, it was a bit windy in the evening and I could feel that mild chill, making me crave for a bowl of soup. In about a week, autumn will start and slowly, frozen treat days will come to a halt. So, before it gets cold and I put away these kulfi molds, one more creamsicle is a must. Malai Pista Kulfi (Pistachio Creamsicle) is every Indian’s favorite summer dessert.

bar and truffles 6link to Lemon Shortbread Bars and Carrot Pistachio Truffles

Lemon Shortbread Bars and Carrot Pistachio Truffles

My favorite season is finally here with longer daylight, beautiful sunshine and pretty flowers! Now, all I ask from the weatherman is not to predict anymore frequent showers, storm or anything that takes away the Spring. Last week was pretty dull and boring with non-stop rain and cold winds, but what kept me excited was seeing Arvind finalizing the new design for blog. In between all the crazy workload, my sweetheart somehow managed to find time for planning, writing, fixing bugs and creating this new look. I feel SO proud and yes, I know :) I am one lucky girl!

main 2link to Brittle Truffles – Guest Post by Grishma @ Zaika Zabardast

Brittle Truffles – Guest Post by Grishma @ Zaika Zabardast

Few weeks back, I tried making truffles and failed miserably. I hear people saying it's easy, probably the best dessert you can make in advance and "wow" your friends at the party. Well, for some reason it's not working in my kitchen.. yet! When my very close friend Grishma told me she was making truffles for me, you can only imagine my happiness. And my excitement doubled when I saw the flavor combination that she used to make these truffles. I just can't wait to try it in my kitchen. Now, I might be able to make truffles successfully.