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link to Pumpkin Pie – Creamy and Super Easy!

Pumpkin Pie – Creamy and Super Easy!

Melting in mouth flavor packed filling with the flaky crust, this Pumpkin Pie – the old fashion way is the best Thanksgiving dessert.  This recipe makes a small 8-inch Pumpkin Pie which is best for small family but then it won’t last long, especially if you top it with some pumpkin spiced whipped cream.

link to Pie Crust – Buttery and Flaky!

Pie Crust – Buttery and Flaky!

Easy to follow and prepare, this homemade pie crust is buttery and perfectly flaky. Use it to bake sweet or savory pie. Shape into regular size or make mini pies. You can even cut it using a cookie cutter for perfect little savory snacks. This 4 ingredients pie crust recipe has no shortening. It’s all butter and comes out flaky!

Orange Chess Pie (Meg is Well) | Playful Cookinglink to Orange Chess Pie

Orange Chess Pie

I came across Megan's blog through Instagram and her story instantly inspired me. She has Ulcerative Colitis and she has been fighting the disease for a long time now. Her blog, Meg is Well, started as a way for her to navigate through the struggles and to feel less isolated with the world around her. Read about her journey that she is going through in her blog. She is one strong girl and I absolutely adore her! Today, she is sharing a stunning Orange Chess Pie with you all. I am a sucker for any citrus dessert and this pie sure does make me…