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Garlic and Pepper Chicken | Playful Cookinglink to Garlic and Pepper Chicken

Garlic and Pepper Chicken

When it rains back to back, giving you that terrible cold and the medicine just wrecks your taste buds to the core, you need something with a smack! I always go for spicy, warm and comforting meals. Sometimes soup and sometimes, a hearty chicken stew. This garlic and pepper chicken came to our rescue with the warmth and spice, helped us to boost our palate and bring our tastes buds back on track.

scallop corn sauce 7link to Scallops with Corn and Pepper Sauce

Scallops with Corn and Pepper Sauce

I am a seafood lover. Give me fish in any form.. grill, baked, steamed or fried.. I will always enjoy it. As a kid, I didn't eat any shell fish, thought it was very unappetizing!  My mom always prefer fresh water fish but this time when I visit them, I will make them try some scallops for sure, if not any other shell fish. Last weekend, we saw these gorgeous scallops in our local market, they were shinning white. There was no way I could have ignored it and immediately bought a pound. I had no clue what I was making with it…

chilli bhajji 5link to Chilly Bhajji / Deep Fried Peppers

Chilly Bhajji / Deep Fried Peppers

This is how I like to categorize spicy food.. 'Spice Spicy', 'Gingery Spicy' and 'Chilly Spicy' :) All I need on my daily diet is a dish with lots of flavor and a hint of spice. However, there are days when I crave for nothing more than a super-spicy delicious homemade meal. Like chilly chicken or tom-yum soup or spicy chicken wings or roasted pepper dipping sauce. These kind of cravings mostly happen during cold winter.. Or when I have cold/fever and the medicines have killed my taste bud.