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Matar Paneer (Green Peas and Paneer Curry) | Playful Cookinglink to Matar Paneer

Matar Paneer

Matar Paneer is a very popular North Indian curry. It has a lovely texture and beautiful flavor balance. Soft bite size paneer (fresh uncultured cheese) with the sweetness of peas cooked in spiced tomato gravy. It pairs wonderfully with both rice and roti. This dish is so much preferred in India that you will find it in almost every other restaurant, buffet menu, wedding menu or for any gathering that plans for a North Indian meal. I hardly order this dish in a restaurant because the ratio of the gravy with the paneer is never balanced and so, I always prefer…

Green Summer Pasta | Playful Cookinglink to Green Summer Pasta

Green Summer Pasta

This time of the year is meant for vibrant seasonal produces being tossed and tumbled in a plate. It’s always appealing! Broccoli, peas, pasta chucked together in a luscious garlic caper sauce. And some juicy cherry tomatoes for that extra pop of color plus a hint of sweetness. I like to call it Green Summer Pasta!

artichoke tomato salad 4link to Artichoke and Tomato Salad Tarts – DHSP Challenge #7

Artichoke and Tomato Salad Tarts – DHSP Challenge #7

I am sure that walking for 15 miles or cooking for 100 people will not make me as exhausted as I feel right now! On the contrary, those might actually help me relax. Sometimes, mental exhaustion is worse than physical. It takes away all my energy and enthusiasm, leaving me lost and helpless.

zucchini soup 5link to Zucchini & Avocado Cold Soup with Crispy Sticks

Zucchini & Avocado Cold Soup with Crispy Sticks

This is how I like to define a soup: smooth, comforting and hot steam coming off the top. Take a spoonful, blow a couple of times, slurp a little and slurp it all.. aaaahhhh! and repeat.  Then, I learned about cold soup. No kidding.. I really didn't know. In India, no matter how high the temperature shoots in summer and how humid it gets, we still like to eat hot sandwiches and hot lentil soups with equally hot rice/roti . Then, we cool ourselves off with some nimbu pani (lemon juice) or some chilled ice-cream.

polenta shrimp 5link to Polenta with Crispy Peas and Roasted Shrimp

Polenta with Crispy Peas and Roasted Shrimp

First time we had polenta was on our anniversary lunch. Few months back, we celebrated our first anniversary by taking a Wine Train ride through the vineyard in gorgeous Napa Valley. It was a beautiful bright sunny day. The ride was for about 3 hours and we were served with a delicious four-course meal. We both enjoy eating different kind of cuisines and trying out new dishes. So, he decided to try the Coriander Breast Chicken with Wild Mushroom Polenta and Avocado sauce for his entree. As he was trying his first bite of polenta, I was staring at his face hoping the…