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link to Aam Papad / Aamshotto

Aam Papad / Aamshotto

Aam Papad – Aam Shotto is mango fruit leather. Thin layers of Mango plump are sun-dried or oven dried until it dehydrates and peels off like leather! It is then sliced into small rectangles or rolled into bite size logs. Prepared at home without any artificial flavors, these are great healthy snack for kids.

masala papad 1link to Masala Papad — A healthy and light appetizer

Masala Papad — A healthy and light appetizer

  Sometimes an easy and comforting food tends to get lost or ignored in between all the fancy smancy exciting ideas that keep revolving in our head. And it’s good because without inspiration and variety, life can get pretty boring. But once in a while, it’s nice to slow down, stay away from the kitchen and spend more time with the family. Make something light and easy, like this masala papad that doesn’t require too much effort and call it a day!