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Palak Pesarattu | Spinach Mung Bean Crepe | Playful Cooking #crepe #mungbean #glutenfree #vegan #vegetarian #spinach #foodphotography #pesarattulink to Palak Pesarattu | Spinach Mung Bean Crepe

Palak Pesarattu | Spinach Mung Bean Crepe

I have lived in South India for so many years and yet, I never heard of the dish called Pesarattu. When a friend suggested me the dish a few months back, I was surprised at how quick and simple it is to prepare this crepe like dish. I didn’t have to worry about fermenting and yet, I could enjoy something similar to dosa in a fuss free manner. Ever since then, I make it very often and my preferred version is the Palak Pesarattu | Spinach Mung Bean Crepe. It’s nourishing, filling and the color is strikingly gorgeous green. With…

20 Breakfast Ideas For Valentines Day | Playful Cookinglink to 20 Breakfast Ideas For Valentines Day

20 Breakfast Ideas For Valentines Day

I have never been a morning person and so, the weekday breakfast is mostly toast and oats. Unless, it’s a weekend or a special day that calls for a special breakfast! I have a round up of 20 breakfast recipes that could help you this Valentines day. A little boost of color on the breakfast plate helps to kick-start the special day in the most positive way. The best part is that none of these take a lot of time!

Almond Lemon Waffles | Playful Cookinglink to Almond Lemon Waffles

Almond Lemon Waffles

Few months back, we bought our first waffle maker. We have always loved waffles but somehow it took us a long time to get one of those gadgets. I just try not to crowd the kitchen with appliances. But thanks to the waffle maker, our weekend breakfast got easy. Most weekends, I like to serve something that takes more time to prepare than usual. But then on some weekends, I just want to make a fancy breakfast without putting any effort at all. On these lazy mornings, I make this Almond Lemon Waffles with colorful berries and whipped cream.

Dutch Baby Pancakes | Playful Cookinglink to Dutch Baby Pancakes

Dutch Baby Pancakes

For several years now, I have gawked and drooled at several Dutch pancakes in Pinterest. While the recipes always looked easy, I was somehow intimated. I was worried that it won’t puff up and all my sweat would go waste. So, even though it’s almost as easy as pancakes, something that I make quite often, it took me quite a while to prepare Dutch baby pancakes.

Chitoi Pitha (Steamed pancakes) | Playful Cookinglink to Chitoi Pitha (Steamed Pancakes)

Chitoi Pitha (Steamed Pancakes)

My Mom is one of those very simple women who didn’t change much with time. I have never seen her wearing anything other than saree; her hair is always casually tied into a bun with a red bindi on her forehead and no make up whatsoever. Her fashion sense could be old fashioned but I adore how quickly she got herself accustomed to smart phones. For someone who never cared to have a mobile phone, she very proficiently chats with me on WhatsApp and even learnt video calling on Skype. Well, she does explain that its only because she wants…

Vanilla Poached Plums With Pancakes | Playful Cookinglink to Vanilla Poached Plums With Pancakes

Vanilla Poached Plums With Pancakes

Plums always take me back to one of my childhood episodes. Our rented home in Shillong (that’s where both I and my brother were born and raised) had a shabby backyard and in that stood tall a pear tree, couple of orange trees and a plum tree. It could be just the sentiment speaking, but somehow, I never tasted plums as sweet as those from that tree. One afternoon, after Mom put us to nap, which was not a success although she thought it was, we silently got up from the bed and tiptoed to the door. Mom was asleep.…