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Sprinkle syrup on belgian wafflelink to Belgian Waffles Restaurant Style

Belgian Waffles Restaurant Style

Crispy on the outside and light airy inside these deep pockets Belgian Waffles is our family favorite! There are two key method and a couple key tips to make the perfect Belgian Waffles Restaurant Style. I have explained all that in detail along with a video.

Spinach Corn Crepe With Zaatar Feta Sauce | Playful Cookinglink to Spinach Corn Crepe With Zaatar Feta Sauce

Spinach Corn Crepe With Zaatar Feta Sauce

Folded in quarters and drizzled with the teeniest amount of chocolate sauce, it was served in a paper plate. I nibbled for a while and threw the rest. That was my first experience of sampling crepe. It was in a food court and it was horrible! Few years later, we took a trip to Bangkok. During our stay there, we used to visit one particular shopping mall quite often. The foot court in that mall had a crepe stall that didn’t fascinate me much but it sure did excite Arvind.