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rainbow cake 04link to Thandai Holi Rainbow Cake

Thandai Holi Rainbow Cake

Pick all the colors you can think of, mix it with the cake batter along with thandai powder and make the most Thandai Holi Rainbow Cake. And if you love frosting then by all means go bold on that too. I used quick butter cream frosting. Now because it’s a special cake to celebrate the festival of HOLI colorful sprinkles went on top. HOLI is after all the festival of colors!

Apple Almond Cake | Playful Cooking #apple #cake #foodphotography #applecake #playfulcookinglink to One Bowl Apple Almond Cake

One Bowl Apple Almond Cake

Sweet, chunky apple bites with a hint of ginger and delicate crumbs from almond flour, this Apple Almond Cake is a delightful teacake! Drizzle some salted caramel on the cake and it goes to a whole new level of lusciousness. It’s an easy one-bowl apple almond cake recipe that barely needs any effort.