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sabudana khichdi 4link to Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana Khichdi

Tiny sago pearls/tapioca pearls cooked with a very few ingredients to make a fluffy pilaf! Sabudana Khichdi is one of the most popular fasting dishes during Navratri festival season. It’s quick, gluten free and takes very minimal effort to bring it together. I like it with a cup of tea or coffee. The tricky part of Sabudana Khichdi is to keep it fluffy and non-sticky. Please watch the video to understand it better and follow all the tips that I have mentioned below.

Achari Murg | Playful Cookinglink to Achari Murg – Tangy Pickled Chicken

Achari Murg – Tangy Pickled Chicken

The husband has a common complain these days.. I cook mainly for the blog! He gets to eat all the food that is prepared in my tiny kitchen and yet, the complaints :) I am sure most of you are smiling and nodding as you might be in the same situation. Honestly, I can't blame him completely for this.

thandai 4link to Thandai – Spicy Almond Milk

Thandai – Spicy Almond Milk

It is 15th August, a day of celebration for India, the day when we celebrate our freedom. Back in 1947, our nation gained its liberty and became a free country on this day. As a kid, the day typically used to start by watching the flag-hoisting ceremonies that are conducted all over the country, followed by quality fun time with friends and family.. eating, laughing and playing around.