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A New Continuation!

I can’t thank you guys enough for taking your time out and responding to my thought, helping me clear my doubts and make a decision. It was not easy. Believe me. The past couple of days, I read and re-read your comments and emails, not knowing what to do. I decided to stay away from technology for a while. I read a book, shinned my toaster, vacuumed twice, baked a pizza and tried two new recipes. All these helped me clear my head and then it hit me.

Photography | Kankana Saxenalink to Should I or Should I Not ?

Should I or Should I Not ?

A thought has been bothering me for more than a week now and I am asking myself the same question over and over again - Should I or should I not? When I started the blog in Jan 2011, it was not really thought through. I didn’t know any blogger, didn’t know how huge the food community could be.  I didn’t know if I would even enjoy blogging. It was a decision made one afternoon after a long chat with my friend who thought it would be a good idea to share recipes with friends. Eventually, it reached to the world and…