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link to Laal Maas – Rajasthan Red Meat Curry

Laal Maas – Rajasthan Red Meat Curry

Laal meaning Red and Maas meaning Meat, the name literary translates to Red Meat. Laal Maas is a very famous dish from the state of Rajasthan. The color is fiery red and the taste is extremely unique which comes from the usage of Mathania chili. This particular chili is difficult to source and a good substitute is Kashmiri red chili. The Kashmiri red chili is not hot but gives a rich red hue to the dish. Laal Maas is a rich curry filled with earthy flavors that can warm you inside out.

Mutton Nihari (Spiced Goat Stew) | Playful Cooking #indianfood #foodphotography #mutton #curry #meatlink to Mutton Nihari | Spiced Goat Stew

Mutton Nihari | Spiced Goat Stew

Warm, earthy and spice filled Mutton Nihari is a luxurious stew for the meat lovers! As the meat cooks, the gravy turns buttery with a gorgeous red hue. Topped with some fried onions, julienned ginger, green chili and finely chopped cilantro! This dish can be a showstopper at any party.

Sunday Mutton Curry | Playful Cookinglink to Sunday Mutton Curry

Sunday Mutton Curry

The cool morning breeze touched the warmth of my cheeks and I faintly opened my eyes. With a frowned face, I turned my head and realized that Dad was in my room. The window curtain was partially open and fluttering allowing the sunlight to beam through. That was his standard approach to wake us up. I looked at the wall clock, yawned and snoozed myself back to sleep. Just for a little while. It’s Sunday after all!