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Kosha Mangsho | Spiced Slow Cooked Mutton Stew | Playful Cooking #mutton #meat #kosha #mangsho #indian #curry #foodphotography #bengali #recipe #playfulcookinglink to Kosha Mangsho | Spiced Mutton Stew

Kosha Mangsho | Spiced Mutton Stew

About 5 years back, I had shared a recipe of Kosha Mangsho and today, I have another Kosha Mangsho (Spiced Slow Cooked Mutton Stew) recipe. So, why share it again? Well, I just feel that in this course of 5 years, my recipe writing style has definitely improved a lot and my photo style changed as well. So, instead of editing the old post, I decided to just share a new one! And this time, I also have a video for you.