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Indian Vegetarian Curry (Pudina Aloo) - Potato with Mint Curry | Playful Cooking #potato #mint #curry #indian #foodphotography #photography #howtolink to Pudina Aloo ( Potato Mint Curry)

Pudina Aloo ( Potato Mint Curry)

Refreshing mint, tangy yogurt and potatoes, all simmered into a uniquely tasting curry! The mint and yogurt makes the curry taste light and the sour from the yogurt balances wonderfully with the carb. Pudina Aloo ( Potato Mint Curry) has a nice smack (chatpata as we say in Hindi) and uplifts your palate instantly. We like to pair this curry with poori (fried Indian mini bread) but you can also enjoy it with Indian flat bread (roti) or paratha. It’s a great weeknight meal and gets ready in about 15 to 20minutes. This dish is also sometimes known as Chutney…