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chatuchak market 12link to Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market

  I like to usually share the photos of our trip as soon as we are back home, unpacked and a little relaxed. This is probably the very first time that the photos took months to appear out here. I was sorting out some of the folders the other day and I came across these photos that we had totally forgotten about. It’s from the trip we took in December 2011 and now after nine very short months, I am sharing these with you. Please forgive me for being so lazy and forgetful! And, let’s take a break from the…

floating market 20link to The Floating Market in Thailand

The Floating Market in Thailand

Out of all the beautiful places we visited in Thailand, this tourist spot topped on my list. It's a market in the middle of a huge canal, where vendors float in their small boats selling local products. You can expect to find vegetables, fruits, clothes, bags, shoes, spices.. almost anything you are looking for.