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10 Interesting Thirst Quenchers to try this Summer | Playful Cookinglink to 10 Interesting Thirst Quenchers To Try This Summer

10 Interesting Thirst Quenchers To Try This Summer

We all love ice cream on these warm days but I often go for something to drink. High shooting temperatures mean that your body needs more fluid and you need to stay hydrated to avoid feeling fatigued. Of course, you need to drink a ton load of water but it’s nice to occasionally switch it up with some seasonal fruit drinks. So, here are 10 interesting Thirst Quenchers to try this summer. These are non-alcoholic, super easy to make and a great way to indulge on the summer fruits!

Green Tea Mint Lemonade | Playful Cookinglink to Green Tea Mint Lemonade

Green Tea Mint Lemonade

One of my best friends recently bought a beautiful big house. The first thing that caught my attention was her kitchen. Gorgeous natural light! The second thing which caught my eye was the Meyer Lemon Tree in her backyard. I am one of those lemon fanatics who like to add a little citrus flavor in everything. From smoothies to curries to desserts! So, you can imagine my excitement when she showered me with a bag full of Meyer Lemons. These lemons are huge, some of them even bigger than my 50mm lens. If you follow my Instagram stories, you must…

Masala Nimbu Soda (Spiced Lemonade Fizz) | Playful Cookinglink to Masala Nimbu Soda (Spiced Lemonade Fizz)

Masala Nimbu Soda (Spiced Lemonade Fizz)

Growing up in Shillong meant no summer vacation and no brutal hot days. Hence, the classic Nimbu Pani (Indian Lemonade) was never that common. However, Mom used to make us a glass after school, more for a medicinal purpose than thirst quencher. It was only during our yearly visits to Kolkata that got me to hooked to this ever so refreshing summer drink. Gulping a couple of glasses from the roadside stall was a mandate every time we stepped out. No ice cream or fresh fruit juice could give that cool feeling.