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Playful Cooking’s Pantry Kits

When I started my blog several years back, little did I know that one day it will be my job or it will make me an author or that one day, I will have my pantry kits in the market for people to buy and enjoy fuss-free cooking! I am EXCITED to announce that now I have paired with Global Belly to create easy to cook pantry kits. And it is ready now for you to buy. To start with, we have Kosha Mangsho (Spiced Mutton Stew Bengali Style), Bashanti Pulao (Bengali Sweet Saffron Rice) and Rajma! 

Kosha Mangsho | Spiced Slow Cooked Mutton Stew | Playful Cooking #mutton #meat #kosha #mangsho #indian #curry #foodphotography #bengali #recipe #playfulcookinglink to Kosha Mangsho | Spiced Mutton Stew

Kosha Mangsho | Spiced Mutton Stew

About 5 years back, I had shared a recipe of Kosha Mangsho and today, I have another Kosha Mangsho (Spiced Slow Cooked Mutton Stew) recipe. So, why share it again? Well, I just feel that in this course of 5 years, my recipe writing style has definitely improved a lot and my photo style changed as well. So, instead of editing the old post, I decided to just share a new one! And this time, I also have a video for you.