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Bengali Lunch Pop-Up | Playful Cookinglink to Bengali Lunch Pop-Up

Bengali Lunch Pop-Up

Organizing and hosting a party can be overwhelming and tense but when your guests end up having a good time, you know it was all worth the effort. Last Saturday, I organized my first Bengali Lunch Pop-Up. If you follow my Instagram stories, you would know that I have wanted to do this for few weeks now. To be more specific, I have been waiting to do this ever since I photographed Vijitha @spicesandaroma Chai Pop-Up.

Chicken Ghungni (Yellow Peas And Mined Chicken Stew) And Announcing the Cookbook Cover | Playful Cookinglink to Chicken Ghugni and Announcing the Cookbook Cover

Chicken Ghugni and Announcing the Cookbook Cover

After a month of back and forth, we finally have the name and the book cover! I am so happy to ultimately share it with you. Through the process of writing the book and photographing all the dishes, I don’t think I ever sat down to realize the scale of the achievement. Now, when I see the book cover again and again with the title, my name on it and those dishes that I cooked, it started to feel a lot real. Soon, I can call myself an author. Oh boy! To celebrate the moment, I wanted to make something…

kolkata street food 03link to My Love for Street Food

My Love for Street Food

Even though I get intimidated and concerned about the hygiene, street food has always managed to pull me towards it. There are no table manners or no formal attire but the air is always casual and it's only about food. Call it fast food or junk food, street food has managed to win a lot of hearts.

kolkata 05link to The City Of Joy!

The City Of Joy!

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” - Henry Miller There is a city in the eastern part of India and the people of this city embrace literature and philosophy alongside the rich culture and authentic Bengali traditions. I am talking about The City Of Joy - Kolkata or Calcutta, as you may wish to call this beautiful place. The city was once the capital of India and it has always been popular for it's colorful political culture. In-spite of issues like bad traffic and pollution, the city has always welcomed people from every part of the world and…