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Badami Lauki Kofta (Bottle Gourd Dumpling in Almond Curry) | Playful Cookinglink to Badami Lauki Kofta (Bottle Gourd Dumpling in Almond Curry)

Badami Lauki Kofta (Bottle Gourd Dumpling in Almond Curry)

The term Kofta often refers to meat dumplings that are shaped like mini logs. In Indian cooking, Kofta is not restricted to just meat but also extends to roots, vegetables and even cheese. There are a wide variety of vegetarian Kofta dishes that are typically served in form of a curry. This a very popular vegetable dumpling curry prepared with bottle gourd. I like to prepare the gravy with a combination of almond and poppy seeds and hence the name, Badami Lauki Kofta (Bottle Gourd Dumplings in Almond Curry). It enhances the flavor and makes the gravy very creamy without…

Chicken Kofta Dum Biryani | Playful Cookinglink to Chicken Kofta Dum Biryani

Chicken Kofta Dum Biryani

When your daily routine revolves around cooking every single day, be it for a job or to feed your family, there comes a day in the week when you need a break from the mundane. I go through this phase at least once every week, mostly on Fridays. That day, my bones get lazier than ever. Other than cooking for Avyan, all I do in the kitchen is prepare an easy egg sandwich for lunch. As for the dinner, either Arvind puts on his chef hat or we order take out.