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Kashundi Paneer Naan Calzone | Playful Cookinglink to Kashundi Paneer Naan Calzone

Kashundi Paneer Naan Calzone

Cooking for two is easy and tough at the same time. Easy, because I never require too much of any ingredient and tough, because no matter how precise I go, there are always some leftovers. It happens very occasionally when the serving bowl comes out clean from the dining table. And with the hectic schedule over the weekdays, we both never mind leftovers. But some days, I like to create something new out of the leftovers so that it doesn’t feel like a repeating meal. This naan calzone was a result of one such situation!

Green Mango Mustard Kashundi | Playful Cookinglink to Green Mango Mustard Kashundi

Green Mango Mustard Kashundi

Mustard seeds and mustard oil are quite essential components in Bengali kitchen. It’s widely used in several dishes for everyday cooking. Past few years or so, people are trying to avoid mustard oil and switch to vegetable oil instead. However, there are still some dishes that are incomplete without that the distinctive sharp taste that only mustard oil can give. There are countless dishes where mustard seed paste is used along with mustard oil. Yellow mustard to be precise! As a kid, it was a flavor I couldn’t embrace but now, it’s a totally different story. I enjoy cooking with…