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Garlic Chili Oil

There are a few favorite ingredients in my kitchen that I can never do without. I reach out to these without any second thoughts. Over a period of time, I have built a certain amount of confidence about these and I feel safe. While some of these ingredients come in a neatly packed jar from the store, others are made at home and that always brings an extra happiness. In a way, it creates a sense of accomplishment.

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Rosemary and Garlic Infused Olive Oil

There are two things I mostly use in my savory dishes.. Fresh Herbs and Garlic. My cooking starts with smashing, peeling and chopping some fresh garlic and ends with some handful of fresh herbs sprinkled for garnish and color. It amazes me that how just a hint of something can lift a dish to a whole new level. There are some dishes where you don't even need to add those garlic or herbs.. just infusing the oil with these ingredients can fill the dish with so much flavor. You can use them for pasta, salad, flavored rice dish or even…