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link to Thandai Yogurt Panna Cotta

Thandai Yogurt Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta is one of my favorite dessert to make in any occasion. I love how easy and effortless to make this particular dessert. It is a great blank canvas to add in whatever flavors you like. So this Holi, I made Thandai Yogurt Panna Cotta which was not overly sweet and tastes so refreshing light.

link to Makhane Ki Kheer

Makhane Ki Kheer

Makhane Ki Kheer/Phool Makhane Kheer is a creamy Indian pudding prepared with fox nuts. It is a traditional dessert prepared during festive season, especially Navratri. You can enjoy it cold or at room temperature, and some people even like it a little warm! The Makhana Ki Kheer is a delight to the palate, and it comes together very easily.

link to Mawa Gujiya

Mawa Gujiya

Holi Festival is incomplete without Mawa Gujiya in the scene. Flaky deep fried flaky dough filled with sweetened solid milk, semolina and assorted nuts. It’s a quintessential Holi dessert and to make it more special you can even add Thandai powder to the filling. I however didn’t add thandai powder, instead enjoyed it with some cold Thandai drink.

link to Jalebi


Crunchy on the outside and juicy inside, rustic golden spirals that make a centerpiece at every festival in India – Jalebi! People like it for breakfast and people like it for dessert. Some like it hot and crispy, others prefer it soft and at room temperature. It can be either served with sweet rabdi or with cold sour yogurt. It’s tough to not pick one when you see a pile of Jalebi gleaming in golden syrup.

Slice 1link to 10 Indian Festive Desserts

10 Indian Festive Desserts

My favorite time of the year is here and it’s the time for indulgence on Indian Festive Desserts. So, get into your beautiful outfits, forget all the worries, catch up with friends, hug a little tighter and just be joyful! We can work on all those extra calories later. For now, just let loose and enjoy. So, here are 10 Indian Festive Desserts that you need to try this season! As I mentioned in my last post, I don’t get a lot of pujo vibe out here but I use the food memories to make it exciting every day.