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link to Chicken Salli

Chicken Salli

Sometimes you come across a dish that you never tasted before but then you get too excited and jump right on to it. Chicken Salli is one of those most recent experience for us. I never tastes the dish before or heard, but this Thanksgiving I wanted to try. While this Chicken Salli recipe may be absolutely authentic, but the curry is a crowd pleaser and so good on cold winter days.

slow cooked chicken coconut milk 02link to Slow Cooked Chicken in Coconut Milk

Slow Cooked Chicken in Coconut Milk

Very mildly spiced with few basic ingredients, this Slow Cooked Chicken in Coconut Milk is our current favorite comfort food. As the chicken slow cooks the kitchen gets filled with the citrusy aroma of curry leaves and sweet coconut milk. An unbeatable flavor blend! Paired with steamed rice, this Chicken curry will warm you inside out during the cold winter months.

safed paneer 05link to Safed Paneer | Paneer in White Gravy

Safed Paneer | Paneer in White Gravy

Creamy nutty gravy with soft paneer, Safed Paneer is unlike any curries that you might have tasted. Its light and mildly spiced. perfum-y aromatic from fennel and green cardamom. Cooked with ghee, Safed Paneer is a rich curry served in several Indian restaurants. The dish is very similar and often referred to as Malai Paneer Curry, Shahi Paneer or Mughlai Paneer.