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link to Slow Cooked Chicken in Coconut Milk

Slow Cooked Chicken in Coconut Milk

Very mildly spiced with few basic ingredients, this Slow Cooked Chicken in Coconut Milk is our current favorite comfort food. As the chicken slow cooks the kitchen gets filled with the citrusy aroma of curry leaves and sweet coconut milk. An unbeatable flavor blend! Paired with steamed rice, this Chicken curry will warm you inside out during the cold winter months.

link to Laal Maas – Rajasthan Red Meat Curry

Laal Maas – Rajasthan Red Meat Curry

Laal meaning Red and Maas meaning Meat, the name literary translates to Red Meat. Laal Maas is a very famous dish from the state of Rajasthan. The color is fiery red and the taste is extremely unique which comes from the usage of Mathania chili. This particular chili is difficult to source and a good substitute is Kashmiri red chili. The Kashmiri red chili is not hot but gives a rich red hue to the dish. Laal Maas is a rich curry filled with earthy flavors that can warm you inside out.

link to Safed Paneer | Paneer in White Gravy

Safed Paneer | Paneer in White Gravy

Creamy nutty gravy with soft paneer, Safed Paneer is unlike any curries that you might have tasted. Its light and mildly spiced. perfum-y aromatic from fennel and green cardamom. Cooked with ghee, Safed Paneer is a rich curry served in several Indian restaurants. The dish is very similar and often referred to as Malai Paneer Curry, Shahi Paneer or Mughlai Paneer.

link to Macher Jhol with Salmon

Macher Jhol with Salmon

Macher Jhol refers to fish curry in Bengali and there are countless different ways fish curry can be prepared. What I am sharing today is the simplest version of a Bengali fish curry recipe that includes just a handful of very basic ingredients. Believe it or not, the curry calls for just 1 spice and that’s nigella seeds. Typically, Bengali fish curries are prepared with fresh lake water fish, which is not easily available everywhere. But you can prepare the exact same dish with salmon and it’s delicious. Not to mention this salmon curry is really easy and quick!

Bengali Style Cauliflower and Potato Curry | Phulkopir Aloo Dalna #cauliflower #potatio #curry #easy #bengali #indian #vegetarian #vegan #glutenfreelink to Phulkopir Aloo Dalna

Phulkopir Aloo Dalna

The combination of cauliflower with potato is unbeatable! There are various different ways to pair these two favorites. You can stir fry to make a lovely side dish. North Indian style Aloo Gobi is one of my fav goto. Similarly a milder version is this Bengali Style Cauliflower Potato Curry called Phulkopir Aloo Dalna. Phulkopi is the Bengali term for cauliflower and dalna is often referred to light pure vegetarian curries. Ready in 30 minutes, you will love this curry on busy work days.