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link to Aloo Paratha – 3 Easy Fillings

Aloo Paratha – 3 Easy Fillings

Aloo Paratha is a popular Indian breakfast option that we often enjoy for lunch or dinner. It is the ultimate comfort food and my go-to on days when I am out of ideas or too lazy to cook. All it needs is dough prepared with wheat flour, and mashed potatoes to fill in the paratha. You can go as creative as you like with the mashed potatoes and here I have shared three easy and our favorite aloo paratha stuffing.

Bengali Luchi | Poori | Deep Fried Indian Flatbread #indian #bread #deepfried #poori #luchi #breakfast #recipe #foodphotography | Playful Cookinglink to Luchi | Deep Fried Mini Breads

Luchi | Deep Fried Mini Breads

We try to avoid deep-fried food as much as possible but on weekends, I get the craving for these deep-fried flaky luchi (Deep Fried Mini Breads) . I am pretty sure most Bengalis like me would consider it their guilty pleasure too. Soft, flaky and almost melting in your mouth, when paired with dishes like Ghugni or Kosha Mangsho, it is a comforting and hearty treat. We could even call it a close cousin of North Indian Poori, which of course, pairs best with Aalu Tamatar Sabzi.