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Bengali Lunch Pop-Up | Playful Cookinglink to Bengali Lunch Pop-Up

Bengali Lunch Pop-Up

Organizing and hosting a party can be overwhelming and tense but when your guests end up having a good time, you know it was all worth the effort. Last Saturday, I organized my first Bengali Lunch Pop-Up. If you follow my Instagram stories, you would know that I have wanted to do this for few weeks now. To be more specific, I have been waiting to do this ever since I photographed Vijitha @spicesandaroma Chai Pop-Up.

Chicken Ghungni (Yellow Peas And Mined Chicken Stew) And Announcing the Cookbook Cover | Playful Cookinglink to Chicken Ghugni and Announcing the Cookbook Cover

Chicken Ghugni and Announcing the Cookbook Cover

After a month of back and forth, we finally have the name and the book cover! I am so happy to ultimately share it with you. Through the process of writing the book and photographing all the dishes, I don’t think I ever sat down to realize the scale of the achievement. Now, when I see the book cover again and again with the title, my name on it and those dishes that I cooked, it started to feel a lot real. Soon, I can call myself an author. Oh boy! To celebrate the moment, I wanted to make something…

Rajasthan Trip | Kankana Saxena Photographylink to Rajasthan Trip – Part 2

Rajasthan Trip – Part 2

Here are few more photographs from our Rajasthan trip that have been waiting very patiently to be shared. If you read my last two posts, you would know what took this long! After exploring Jaisalmer and a little bit of Jodhpur, we took second part of the long drive, 12 hrs to Udaipur. It was tiring and I wished there were more frequent flights between these two places. We could have saved so much time! Thankfully, our driver was sweet enough to stop by whenever we requested him and he also kept us entertained with all the fun stories about…

Rajasthan Trip | Kankana Saxena Photographylink to Rajasthan Trip – Part 1

Rajasthan Trip – Part 1

We started this year with an ambitious plan. 8 days of road trip in Rajasthan! As crazy as it sounded, we couldn’t help getting excited. Our first family vacation, finally! I always wanted to visit this place, enjoy the rich culture, colors and their food. But with a baby, was that a good idea? We were freaking out.

bengali rituals @ Playful Cookinglink to Glimpses Of Bengali Marriage Rituals

Glimpses Of Bengali Marriage Rituals

My day would start with a cup of hot tea that I didn’t make, followed by a savory breakfast. Lunch and dinner was always lavish with multiple courses and in between all these, there were various kinds on sweets, both syrupy and dried. We Bengalis love to eat and in my house, whenever there is any celebration, food-talk happen before anything else. For folks who are not aware, my brother just got married which is why I was out of action for past few weeks. He stepped into a new stage of life with a broad smile on his face,…

khandvi 7link to Khandvi (A healthy finger food from India) – Guest Post for Tamara @ Bite My Cake

Khandvi (A healthy finger food from India) – Guest Post for Tamara @ Bite My Cake

It's amazing how I like to challenge myself in the kitchen these days. It's like a fun workout for me. Sometime the exercises ends in a fabulous result which makes my day a whole lot brighter and sometime, there are those bad times when I cry...almost like a kid! The unsuccessful experiment creates a disaster and mess in the kitchen that makes me really mad! But thankfully it makes me more curious and stubborn. Call it attitude if you may, but it helps me to finally nail the dish!