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how to make easter bread

Pickled Veggie 03link to QUICK Pickled Vegetables

QUICK Pickled Vegetables

The kind of pickles (Indian achaar) I grew up eating is always spice coated with a perfect balance of tang and heat. As much as I like a speck of achaar with my Indian meals, I also enjoy a smack of QUICK Pickled Vegetables with my salad, wrap or sandwich. So, I made a batch of onion pickle and a batch of carrot with cucumber pickle for the first time. Because I like spice, I added a few whole spices while preparing the brine.

Easter special HOT CROSS BUNS and keeping it EGGLESS #easter #bread #baking #hotcrossbuns #buns #foodphotography #playfulcookinglink to EGGLESS Hot Cross Buns!

EGGLESS Hot Cross Buns!

I had only sung the song “One a penny, two a penny…” until this year, I actually baked Hot Cross Buns to celebrate Easter! Kids can make you do things that you would probably otherwise wouldn’t have done. We both are not very traditional but we like to introduce different cultures to Avyan in our best possible way. Most often, it is though the magic of food. These Eggless Hot Cross Buns are so good fresh out of the oven. Rub some butter or jam and wash it down with a cup of warm drink.