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Honey Dijon Hummus with Zaatar Pita Chips | Playful Cooking #hummus #foodphotography #honey #dijon #zaatar #pitachipslink to Honey Dijon Hummus with Zaatar Pita Chips

Honey Dijon Hummus with Zaatar Pita Chips

Making appetizers for holiday parties is one of my favorite things. I feel it’s easy to grab a bite, walk around, sip some wine and come back for another bite. There are a few favorites and humus is definitely one of them. I usually pair it with a bunch of assorted veggies and crackers to dip in. If you want to uplift your regular hummus, add a little smack with Maille Honey Dijon and pair it with zaatar toasted pita chips. Of course, you could keep adding few other sides like radish, cucumber or whatever you like and turn it…

Kale and Brussel Sprouts Salad with Turmeric Honey Yogurt Dressing (Indian Simmer) | Playful Cookinglink to Kale and Brussel Sprouts Salad with Turmeric Honey Yogurt Dressing

Kale and Brussel Sprouts Salad with Turmeric Honey Yogurt Dressing

This vacation has come to an end and tonight, we leave for home. Three weeks of absolute fun, relaxation and so much family time. This trip was completely dedicated to the family and all we did was relax, watch the kids play around and enjoy all the delicious homemade food. Oh boy, we hogged so much food this time! After reaching home, I need to make a different kind of meal plan and include mostly salads and light meals. Our tummy definitely needs a break. Today, I have Prerna from India Simmer sharing this gorgeous Kale and Brussel Sprouts Salad with Turmeric…

Mango Mini Pies | Playful Cookinglink to Mango Mini Pies

Mango Mini Pies

The idea of baking a pie is daunting, at least to me! I did bake tart a few times in the past but I never tried to make a pie. That golden crust, flaky texture and making sure it won’t go all droopy at the end, it’s a little intimidating! Few weeks back, I finally gave it a go. I was panicking the entire time and kept a low expectation. All I could hear in my head is ‘cold cold, everything should be cold!’. With some effort and Arvind’s help, I managed to bring it all together and crossed my…

Honey and Thyme Bundt Cake | Playful Cookinglink to Honey Thyme Bundt Cake

Honey Thyme Bundt Cake

There are a few ingredients which always pair effortlessly. When you put them together, the outcome will always be delicious. You just know it! Whenever I bake a cake, it never has frosting or layers. So, I always try to pick some winning flavor combinations. Chocolate with Raspberry, Banana with Nutella, Carrot with Cardamom, Honey with fresh Figs and this time, Honey with fresh Thyme! The subtle minty flavor of fresh thyme and perfume honey makes the cake smell absolutely divine. And just to make the honey  thyme bundt cake extra flavorful, I added ghee (clarified butter).

honeyed fig cake 1link to Honeyed Fig Cake

Honeyed Fig Cake

I finally started to feel the change in season. The crisp autumn wind is here and so are early morning chills. There are some rare glimpses of autumn shades here and there but mostly, the leaves are changing color from green to brown. Sun's direction has changed and I have shifted my indoor basil plant from its original place to get more sunlight, hoping that it would survive the season.