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Easy Lemon Curd | Playful Cooking #lemon #curd #foodphotographylink to Easy Lemon Curd

Easy Lemon Curd

Lemon Curd is a versatile condiment that is luscious, smooth and zingy. If you enjoy a little tang in your treats, you should definitely make it at home. Store bought ones are surely great but they are nothing like the taste of buttery creamy homemade fresh Lemon Curd. I also think Lemon Curd is a perfect edible gift. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t like this citrusy deliciousness.

Tropical Fruit Ginger Juice | Playful Cookinglink to Tropical Fruit Ginger Juice

Tropical Fruit Ginger Juice

The temperature has finally started to shoot up, giving us a full feeling of summer. The clear blue sky, the mildly warm breeze always calls for something refreshing and this tropical fruit ginger juice is the answer. It’s sweet, zesty and so uplifting. Make a big batch because you will love it!

fruit and nut coffee cake @ Playful Cookinglink to Fruit and Nut Coffee Cake

Fruit and Nut Coffee Cake

Did you guys have a great Easter? We didn't celebrate but certainly enjoyed spotting several cute little bunnies running around with a colorful egg basket in their tiny hands. There were some joyful cheers and lots of laughter. The sky was bright blue and beautiful spring air carried several families to the park. It was pretty clear that people were relishing the Easter weekend. And while you guys were busy boiling, painting, hiding and hunting eggs, I cracked a few and baked a cake!