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paris part 2 01link to A Short Trip To Paris – Part Two

A Short Trip To Paris – Part Two

I am once again going to overload you with tons of pictures. Before I go straight to the photos, I thought of sharing some quick notes, which would be helpful when you plan your trip, if you haven't been there already. We were there for 4 days and commuting from one place to another was pretty convenient by metro. It took us a while to figure the different colors and zones but once we got that part, it became fun to hop in and hop out! I am sure there are lots of travel books available in the market but I…

paris part1 9link to A Short Trip To Paris – Part One

A Short Trip To Paris – Part One

As a kid, I had dreamt of visiting the world, seeing new places and understanding their way of living, creating memories and making new friends as I go along. Never knew it would actually come true at some point of my life. I feel extremely blessed when I think of the different places I have visited so far and I hope the journey continues life long, cause I am always hungry for more!