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asian chicken fried rice 3link to Asian Chicken Fried Rice with Brown Rice

Asian Chicken Fried Rice with Brown Rice

There was a period when I couldn’t consider rice in any different shade other than white. Small grain white rice would be prepared on a daily basis, long grain basmati white rice for biryani on special occasions and aromatic short grain white rice for (payesh) Bengali rice pudding. Of course, later I learned about Kerala rice, par boiled rice but no matter how many different kinds were available back then, they were all white. Or at least that's all I knew. These days, markets are brimming with such a special range that one can hardly get bored of eating rice.…

cocoa coffee bundt cake 61link to Celebrating 2nd Birthday with Cocoa Coffee Mini Bundt Cake

Celebrating 2nd Birthday with Cocoa Coffee Mini Bundt Cake

Wish you all an extremely delightful 2013! I hope you get to smile more, love more and achieve more. Make the best of each day and live a little more!   As I step in to a brand New Year, Sunshine and Smile steps in to its third year, celebrating its 2nd Birthday today with 220 posts including 197 recipes. That’s a lot of cooking in two years, my friend! Seriously, who knew surrendering life to a gastronomic journey could turn out to be so much fun and so exciting?

paris part 2 01link to A Short Trip To Paris – Part Two

A Short Trip To Paris – Part Two

I am once again going to overload you with tons of pictures. Before I go straight to the photos, I thought of sharing some quick notes, which would be helpful when you plan your trip, if you haven't been there already. We were there for 4 days and commuting from one place to another was pretty convenient by metro. It took us a while to figure the different colors and zones but once we got that part, it became fun to hop in and hop out! I am sure there are lots of travel books available in the market but I…

paris part1 9link to A Short Trip To Paris – Part One

A Short Trip To Paris – Part One

As a kid, I had dreamt of visiting the world, seeing new places and understanding their way of living, creating memories and making new friends as I go along. Never knew it would actually come true at some point of my life. I feel extremely blessed when I think of the different places I have visited so far and I hope the journey continues life long, cause I am always hungry for more!

carrot ginger cake 3link to Carrot Ginger Mini Bundt Cake

Carrot Ginger Mini Bundt Cake

I always feel that after a vacation, I will be reluctant to enter the kitchen but it somehow turns out to be just the opposite. I only get more excited! It’s been a couple of days since we came back from our dream-came-true trip and I have loads to share with you. Hopefully, I will soon be done editing the gazillion photos that we captured. Yes, gazillion! What can I say, we visited Paris and Rome, and it was our first time to these beautiful places. We just couldn’t get enough of its beauty. I will share the travel post…

pumpkin spiced latte 3link to Pumpkin Spiced Latte

Pumpkin Spiced Latte

Growing up, I ate a lot of pumpkin curry - sometimes non-vegetarian and sometimes pure vegetarian. Mom would always keep a little extra curry for me knowing that it’s my favorite vegetable and she still does the same. There is something about that dark orange shade; the sweetness and the creamy texture that makes me go for it as soon as my eyes fall on it. Whether you make something savory or sweet, blend it to make a soup or roast it, pumpkin is always very comforting and perfect to warm you up when the weather gets chilly outside.

honeyed fig cake 1link to Honeyed Fig Cake

Honeyed Fig Cake

I finally started to feel the change in season. The crisp autumn wind is here and so are early morning chills. There are some rare glimpses of autumn shades here and there but mostly, the leaves are changing color from green to brown. Sun's direction has changed and I have shifted my indoor basil plant from its original place to get more sunlight, hoping that it would survive the season.

bakery crawl 14link to Scharffen Berger Bakery Crawl and The Chocolate Adventure Contest 2012

Scharffen Berger Bakery Crawl and The Chocolate Adventure Contest 2012

Few weeks back Scharffen Berger had conducted their annual bakery crawl where the bay area bloggers were invited to spend an afternoon getting indulged and inspired. It was quite an exciting experience for me and I am sure it was the same for everyone as well. After all, what better way could you like to start a weekend other than spending time hopping from one amazing bakery to another, munching cookies and chocolates in between?

quinoa salad 6link to Quinoa Salad with Ricotta and Garam Masala Dressing

Quinoa Salad with Ricotta and Garam Masala Dressing

It’s been a pretty inconsistent climate in my part of the world. We wake up to a crisp, slightly chill morning followed by a very warm afternoon and then, a pleasant evening. While some days we reach out for a hearty, steaming bowl of soup, on other days, we prefer a light salad. In one way, it’s adding a variety in our life. The air still doesn’t scream autumn but it sure is prepping me to think of stew, roast chicken, baked bread, baked pie and bid goodbye to salad for a while.  

white chocolate kalakand 2link to White Chocolate Kalakand

White Chocolate Kalakand

India has a very diverse cuisine. While some dishes stay restricted to a certain region or state, there are others which gets wildly popular and manage to win everyone’s heart. Kalakand is one such sweet preparation, which even though originated in North India, has somehow managed its way to every part of the country making it’s appearance in almost every festival. Prepared with sweetened, solidified milk(khoya) and Indian cottage cheese(paneer), these soft crumbly bite size squares happen to be one of the most popular Indian sweet treats.  

masala papad 1link to Masala Papad — A healthy and light appetizer

Masala Papad — A healthy and light appetizer

  Sometimes an easy and comforting food tends to get lost or ignored in between all the fancy smancy exciting ideas that keep revolving in our head. And it’s good because without inspiration and variety, life can get pretty boring. But once in a while, it’s nice to slow down, stay away from the kitchen and spend more time with the family. Make something light and easy, like this masala papad that doesn’t require too much effort and call it a day!  

breakast muffin 5link to A Healthy Breakfast Muffin

A Healthy Breakfast Muffin

Some days are busy and some days are lazy. While the busy days start with ginger tea and cereal poured from a box in a bowl of cold milk, a lazy day begins late with a plateful of our desired breakfast. From something egg-y to sooji halwa, from bread pakoda to roasted tomatoes with buttermilk biscuits; we prepare anything we feel like eating that morning. Weekend is a day of indulgence for us and we like to slow it down and cherish the two precious days of the week.