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Taste of Eastern India | Bengali Cuisine Cookbook | Author and Photographer Kankana Saxenalink to Taste of Eastern India is released TODAY

Taste of Eastern India is released TODAY

This day will not be just another day for me. Sep 18th has marked itself special in my calendar. Taste of Eastern India is released TODAY. 8 years back, if someone had told me a day such as this would come in my life, I would have thought they are crazy! But here it is, my first cookbook on Bengali food, food that I grew up eating, food that I learnt cooking from my Mom and Aunts, food that always takes me back home. I hope you enjoy this book just as much as I enjoyed writing and photographing it.

Vodka Mac and Cheese @ Playful Cookinglink to Vodka Mac and Cheese

Vodka Mac and Cheese

What makes Macaroni and Cheese everyone’s favorite? Is it the tiny elbow pasta that sits effortlessly on a spoon or the velvety sauce that binds it all? Is it the quick-to-cook procedure or the comfort that comes along with it? Whatever the reason is, this pasta preparation has always managed to cheer up all of us, irrespective of the age group.

photo lighting 1link to Understand and Play with Light

Understand and Play with Light

In this virtual world of food blogging, one doesn't get to touch, smell or eat the food they see in your blog but if it is presented beautifully, it can surely make one drool and ask for more. One can set the mood, tell a story and create a connection with good photography. I wished to do the same and I wished to learn more, that's how the journey with my camera started. And the first step was to Understand and Play with Light I am not a professional but a self taught amateur and a wannabe freelance photographer who loves…