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Camping in Yosemite - 2019link to Camping in Yosemite 2019

Camping in Yosemite 2019

After last year’s successful First Camping Experience, we knew that we wanted to go back this year for Camping in Yosemite! But things were a little uncertain at the beginning of the year and we didn’t get to book a site. Then, we got lucky at the last minute as my cousin had booked a couple of camping sites and we could join them. To be honest, camping is not my happy break from daily routine. It’s not exactly comfortable sleeping in the tent and waiting in line to take a shower! But, once a year, I do look forward…

Three Days in Seattle | Playful Cooking #travel #seattle #photographylink to Three Days in Seattle

Three Days in Seattle

Our New Year started with a short trip to Seattle. We explored the city and had a quick cooking demo along cookbook signing at Book Larder. We had been to Seattle before but it was only for a short few hours during our Portland trip. However, that was during pre-baby phase. Avyan loves traveling and as soon as we mentioned about Seattle, all we had to hear for one week was “When are we going there?”. Clearly, we shouldn’t have announced it that early. Anyways, the three days in Seattle were amazing with lots of strolling around, eating almost non-stop…