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Halloween Ghost Meringue Cookieslink to Ghost Meringue Cookies

Ghost Meringue Cookies

A fun and super easy Halloween Treats - Ghost Meringue Cookies. Enjoy it munching as is, or use it as a fun decoration on your Halloween Cake or dessert boards. The Meringue Cookies are light and not overly sweet like the store bought ones. And these definitely brings a smile to every kid's face.

baked eggs 3 ways 06link to Baked Eggs 3 Ways

Baked Eggs 3 Ways

Make you stay home/quarantine meal situation easy and fun with this quick Baked Eggs that I have shown 3 different ways to flavor up. You don’t have to restrict to it, and this will give you an idea how to treat baked eggs as a lovely blank canvas. Needs few key ingredients, about 5 minutes of prep time and 15 to 17 minutes of baking time.