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Bengali Aloo Dum | Playful Cookinglink to Bengali Aloo Dum (Spiced Baby Potatoes)

Bengali Aloo Dum (Spiced Baby Potatoes)

Baby potatoes, boiled just until fork tender and then sautéed in spices until the sauce gets thick and coats all over.  Bengali Aloo Dum (Spiced Baby Potatoes) is a quintessential Bengali weekend breakfast, often paired with luchi (fried mini flat bread). This is a simple dum aloo recipe prepared with onion, garlic and lots of aromatic spices. This Bengali style dum aloo is a favourite in many household and often you can even find it as a Kolkata street food during morning hours to feed the hungry souls on the go.

Chicken Kofta Dum Biryani | Playful Cookinglink to Chicken Kofta Dum Biryani

Chicken Kofta Dum Biryani

When your daily routine revolves around cooking every single day, be it for a job or to feed your family, there comes a day in the week when you need a break from the mundane. I go through this phase at least once every week, mostly on Fridays. That day, my bones get lazier than ever. Other than cooking for Avyan, all I do in the kitchen is prepare an easy egg sandwich for lunch. As for the dinner, either Arvind puts on his chef hat or we order take out.

dum aalu 3link to Dum Aalu – Bite Size Potatoes In Yogurt Gravy

Dum Aalu – Bite Size Potatoes In Yogurt Gravy

If I have to ever choose one dish that I cannot stay without, it would be a tough question to answer. However, if you ask me to pick one thing that I love the most and can eat everyday, that would be none other than humble potatoes. Mash it, sauté it, put it in soup, salad or curry. Deep fry it, bake it or give it any cut you like and I would always eat it with a smile.