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kundrulink to Spice coated Kundru/Ivy Gourd

Spice coated Kundru/Ivy Gourd

I can't believe it's already Friday! This week just flew by. Was I that busy? Why even worry, after all it's almost weekend. And it's not just any weekend, it's Arvind's Birthday tomorrow :) :) Initially I was planning to throw a party, but my Man wants a quiet time just with me (blush blush!!) ;) Ok, quiet time, which means we are eating at home, which mean I need to cook some of his favorites. I still can't figure out what to cook, I just know what I am baking. Have tons of dishes going through my mind, so…

diplink to Tangy Minty Dip

Tangy Minty Dip

Today Sunshine & Smile completed 1 month:) I know that its too early to celebrate, but I couldn't stop mentioning it! The last one month was super fun, my cooking craziness was at the heights, got addicted to blog hopping, met new bloggers, shared 30 recipes and started our Project 52. My blogger friend featured one of my dish in her blog. Thank you all my friends for motivating me! If you have read my last post, you will know that I am currently participating in  The 10 with 5 Challenge and hence, for the next 10 days, I will…

okralink to Sauteed Okra and Onion

Sauteed Okra and Onion

Okra is one of my least favorite green vegetable. I hate the slimy part the most.. bleh!!! I wonder why all the vegetables which are on my 'Don't Like Vegetable' list are good source of vitamins and iron. And because of all these goodies, Ma used to make us eat Okra almost every other day, sometime even boiled... yuck!! And guess what? One of my cousin loves to eat raw vegetables, including Okra. I have no clue as to what kind of taste bud she has? :D

mooli paratha 3link to Mooli Paratha/Indian Flat Bread with Radish

Mooli Paratha/Indian Flat Bread with Radish

It felt so nice when I came to know that two of my friends cooked meals from my blog for their guests over the weekend party, starting from appetizer to dessert! And my happiness doubled when they emailed me saying how much their guests enjoyed it, and how a 2 years old kid, who never liked cake, happened to ask for an extra serving of the Lemon Mint Cake . I would say, if a kid enjoys your food, it's got to be good :) Today I am sharing with you a very simple dish, Mooli Paratha (Indian Flat Bread…

tortilla souplink to Spaghetti Tortilla Soup

Spaghetti Tortilla Soup

Most of you will definitely fall off from your chair when I say this: I never had Tortilla Soup! And it gets even worse.. I only heard of this soup about a week back... In my defense, the only thing I can say is that, in India, it's not a common dish. Yeah.. yeah, there are many more such dishes which are not common in India, but I still tried them. How could I miss this ? I had Tortilla chips, Tortilla Wrap, Tortilla Pizza, but never thought you could dip it in soup too!

kofta lauki 1link to Lauki Kofta (Bottle Gourd Dumplings)

Lauki Kofta (Bottle Gourd Dumplings)

It's called Long melon.. or Chinese melon.. or Calabash.. or Opo squash .. etc etc but it's commonly known as Lauki in Hindi and Bottle Gourd in English. This vegetable is not very familiar to the western world (yet!), but it's a highly used ingredient in Indian Cuisines. They vary in size from 6 inches to over 3 feet in length, and 2 to 12 inches in diameter, and can survive in salt water for more than 6 months!! Ok that was enough 'gyan' for today ;)

pearl tomato pastalink to Penne Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes

Penne Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes

I clearly remember when I started eating Pasta, it was not that long ago, I guess 4 years !! So, it was one such evening  when I had called Arvind for dinner; he was my BF then,  and wanted to make something special and different ( you know the common saying ' the way to Man's heart is through his stomach' ) I think I wanted to implement that ;) That's when I had made my first Pasta attempt , searched all over the net for something that looked simple and easy. If you know me, you will also know…

stuffed portobellolink to Creamy Cheese Stuffed Portobello

Creamy Cheese Stuffed Portobello

When I wake up on a Sunday morning and see the sun rays peeping through my window blinds, it makes my Sunday complete! I am an absolute lazy bum on this day of the week; wake up late, take long hours to finish my first cup of ginger tea, watch TV ( a nice romantic/drama movie would be my choice and Arvind would like to pick some Sci-fi/action... finally watching something that we both like ! ) a plain simple lunch in the couch. Back at home we had this ritual that Dad would cook our Sunday lunch and he…

spicy paneerlink to Tangy Spicy Paneer

Tangy Spicy Paneer

Remember the nursery rhyme that goes, "Little Miss Muffet, Sat on a tuffet, Eating her curds and whey..."? Guess what she was eating cottage cheese ! :) In fact, a little known fact about cottage cheese is that's how it got it's name. It was named "Cottage Cheese" because it was made in cottages, which are small country houses. That was my lesson for the day !

jeera aalu 1link to Jeera Aalu (Potato Fried in Cumin Seed)

Jeera Aalu (Potato Fried in Cumin Seed)

I have always considered Potatoes as the most comforting food. It goes with anything and everything and it can shine all by itself too . Pretty amazing huh !! This is one such dish where you need no other vegetables very little spice and it stand all by itself coated with roasted cumin seed. It was one of the days when my fridge was  out of vegetables and the only vegetables I saw in my pantry are onions and potatoes.  I was breaking my head to come up with some idea and that's when Arvind asked me to make this…

almond crust tilapialink to Almond Crusted Tilapia in Coconut Milk Gravy

Almond Crusted Tilapia in Coconut Milk Gravy

Born in a Bengali Family you are bound to eat fish at least 3 times a week! It's the dominant kind of meat and most Bengali cannot survive without fish for more than 2 or 3 days. During my school days I used to hate fish, I was totally tired of the smell, taste .. everything about it. I never realized the value of it until I started missing it. Staying in Bangalore alone , away from parents , missing mom's cooking including her fish dishes!