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DMBLGIT Logolink to The Winners of DMBLGiT – June 2012

The Winners of DMBLGiT – June 2012

It was such a pleasure to be a part of this food photography challenge which started way back in 2005 and is still running strong after so many years. No such event can ever be successful without enthusiastic participants. So, a big big Thank You to all the 65 bloggers for taking time out to send in your beautiful entries. Also, a huge Thank You to my lovely talented Judges who took time out of their busy schedules to help me decide the winners. It was not easy taks to choose just 6 winners out of so many beautiful food…

DMBLGIT Logolink to Welcome the Judges of DMBLGiT — June 2012

Welcome the Judges of DMBLGiT — June 2012

Does anyone have an idea on how many food bloggers are there? Millions, I guess, and more coming up every day! I probably know just a very small percentage of them but I get excited every time I come across a new blog. I enjoy learning about them, their cuisine and of course, their stories. Thanks to the DMBLGiT, I have met some amazingly talented bloggers! And this is what I love the most about the blogging events; we always make new friends. The entries for DMBLGiT are flowing in and they look gorgeous. I know the judges will have…