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fresh butter and ghee 09link to Make Fresh Butter and Ghee

Make Fresh Butter and Ghee

Butter makes everything better and homemade butter is truly amazing! It’s not something I make on regular basis as buying butter is way easier. But somedays I like to whisk a big batch and enjoy it fresh in several different ways. As for Ghee, it is not just a pantry ingredient for Indians, it is also very auspicious to us. We do use it for cooking and baking but also use it during most of our prayers, festivals and pour it in lamps for lighting. So make fresh butter and ghee even if very occasionally.

Pickled Veggie 03link to QUICK Pickled Vegetables

QUICK Pickled Vegetables

The kind of pickles (Indian achaar) I grew up eating is always spice coated with a perfect balance of tang and heat. As much as I like a speck of achaar with my Indian meals, I also enjoy a smack of QUICK Pickled Vegetables with my salad, wrap or sandwich. So, I made a batch of onion pickle and a batch of carrot with cucumber pickle for the first time. Because I like spice, I added a few whole spices while preparing the brine.

How to make Salted Caramel | Playful Cooking #saltedcaramel #caramel #foodphotography #foodstylinglink to How to make Salted Caramel

How to make Salted Caramel

Lusciously rich amber shade, smooth and buttery with a hint of salt for that perfect balance of taste! There are a few condiments that I feel no one should ever buy and make it at home instead. Salted Caramel is definitely one of those addictive indulgences that you need to try making at home, if you haven’t already.

Easy Lemon Curd | Playful Cooking #lemon #curd #foodphotographylink to Easy Lemon Curd

Easy Lemon Curd

Lemon Curd is a versatile condiment that is luscious, smooth and zingy. If you enjoy a little tang in your treats, you should definitely make it at home. Store bought ones are surely great but they are nothing like the taste of buttery creamy homemade fresh Lemon Curd. I also think Lemon Curd is a perfect edible gift. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t like this citrusy deliciousness.

3 Essential Bengali Spice Mixes | Playful Cooking #spices #indian #bengali #kolkatalink to Bengali Spice Mixes

Bengali Spice Mixes

I have been making my everyday spice mixes for the past few years. Spices are the soul to Indian cooking and the aroma of freshly made spice mix can never be matched by the store bought version. It might add a few extra minutes but I always feel it’s worth tasking that time. Today, I am sharing 3 essential Bengali spice mixes, which very much defines the Bengali cuisine. These simple spice mixes are used in everyday cooking, vegetarian or non-vegetarian, and often prepared fresh at home.

Raw Mango Spiced Sweet Chutney | Kacha Aamer Mishti Chaatni #playfulcooking #foodphotography #chutney #mango #condiments #indian #spiced #sweetlink to Kacha Aam Er Chutney (Raw Mango Sweet Chutney)

Kacha Aam Er Chutney (Raw Mango Sweet Chutney)

Keeping my mango indulgence on, I have this amazing, lip-smacking and caramelized Kacha Aam Er Mishti Chaatni (Raw Mango Sweet Chutney). It’s a quintessential Bengali chutney. It is often prepared with jaggery we serve it along side spiced meat curry or in a breakfast meal. The kacha aam er chutney or cha-a-tni, as we like to call it, is freezer friendly and I store for several months in a clean airtight glass container.

Rose Cardamom Syrup | Playful Cookinglink to Rose Cardamom Syrup And Three Easy Ways To Use It

Rose Cardamom Syrup And Three Easy Ways To Use It

This mildly sweet, perfumy rose and cardamom syrup is the perfect way to add a splash of floral sweetness to your drinks and desserts. The syrup is easy to make. It has countless uses and I am sharing three easy effortless ways to use it.

How To Make Makhni Sauce | Playful Cookinglink to How To Make Makhni Sauce

How To Make Makhni Sauce

Makhni sauce is a vibrant, aromatic tomato sauce that you can use to prepare numerous lip smacking dishes. It is freezer friendly and comes in very handy on those busy days when you crave for restaurant like curries. I have been trying this makhni sauce recipe for several years now. And it has managed to create several wow moments.

hibiscus syrup @ Playful Cookinglink to Hibiscus Syrup

Hibiscus Syrup

There are different categories of people when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day. Some love it, some hate it and some make fun of it. I fall in a different group, the one with folks who like to celebrate any day that calls for yummy food, good drinks and quality time with your loved ones! And irrespective of the occasion falling on a weekend or a busy weekday, our kind figures out some way to make it special. I cherish this day, which is celebrated all across the globe where every one is speaking one single language - Love! The…