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Meat Balls In Hot Garlic Sauce | Playful Cookinglink to Meatballs in Hot Garlic Sauce

Meatballs in Hot Garlic Sauce

Scheduling and planning outlines all my weekdays. It not only helps in retaining my sanity but it also succeeds in getting me some rest. Though at times, I can’t really decide between snoozing along with my boy and finishing work. With Arvind’s long working hours and Avyan’s toddler tantrums; I almost always pick the quick nap. Even a short 30 minutes help me gain back some energy, which is absolutely required to keep up with the always-busy little boy. Over the weekends, I let go the entire routine. We prepare breakfast together and make it an extra special one. We…

orange shrimp 9link to Orange Shrimp

Orange Shrimp

After a long holiday, it's tough to get back in the routine. Jet lag was one thing that really had me worried. Every time I traveled back from India, I used to sleep the whole day like a log and it used to go on for at least a week! This time, my body adjusted with the time zone so quickly that it shocked me. I had no jet lag!